Matthew Slocum sentenced to 82.5 to life for killing family

FORT EDWARD, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Matthew Slocum, convicted for killing his family, was sentenced to 82.5 to life on Friday.

This is the second guilty verdict in the 2011 murder case.

Matthew Slocum’s original conviction was thrown out on a technicality. After last month’s re-trial, a jury he once again decided he was the one who killed his mother, step-father and step brother before setting their White Creek home on fire back in 2011.

Slocum’s defense attorney was able to successfully argue that when his client was arrested, he was interrogated without an attorney even though he had requested one. Meaning anything he said to police should have been inadmissible in court, including his confession.

This time it wasn’t included and the Albany County District Attorney’s office served as a special prosecutor.

Slocum had been serving 88 years to life.

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