Woman accused of nearly beating her stepdaughter to death accepts plea deal

FORT EDWARD, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The woman accused of nearly beating her stepdaughter to death has accepted a plea deal on Thursday.

“If Marissa was standing right in front of me right now, she would not be standing. I’m going to leave it at that,” James Rice, Father of Kaiden, said.

James Rice expressing his anger towards his former love, Marissa Bickford-Rice.

Bickford-Rice caused a severe brain injury and nearly killed the little girl at their Fort Edward home when she hit Kaiden’s head.

No one knows for if she struck Kaiden’s head on the floor or with an object.

“This was not a moment of rage but perhaps even a long held contempt for this child,” Special Prosecutor Christina Tremante said.

Tremante says evidence proves Bickford-Rice had a deep anger towards Kaiden and Kaiden’s paternal grandmother agrees.

“She was very jealous of Kaiden because she thought that we favored Kaiden but she was my first grandkid so it wasn’t favoritism but she was very jealous,” Christie Porter, Kaiden’s grandmother, said.

Kaiden is now in the care of her maternal grandmother as she attends rehabilitation services.

“Kaiden thank God never has to deal with this woman again ever,” Tammie Waite, Kaiden’s grandmother, said.

“Every day of her life she fights. There’s just multiple things, like seizures and the use of the right hand. Kaiden is a fighter and justice will never be served for Kaiden in my book.”

Bickford-Rice is set to serve 13 years in prison.

“It’s not enough but I’m glad it’s over. I’m glad it’s over,” Waite said.

Kaiden’s mother was also overcome with anger on Thursday.

“The things that I have to say for this is definitely not appropriate for TV,” Keri Donaldson, Mother of Kaiden, said.

Bickford-Rice will be back in court on August 3rd for sentencing.

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