Police officer helps bullied pink-haired boy meet celebrity

PITTSFIELD, Mass. (NEWS10) – A local 8-year old boy got a special surprise from Kelly Osbourne. She Skyped him to show support after hearing he was bullied by a local car garage owner.

Jacob from Lanesborough, Massachusetts has big dreams and an even bigger heart.

“I want to grow up to be rich and then give my money to the poor.”

This summer, his mission is to raise awareness for breast cancer, hence the pink hair.

“One of my teachers had it.”

Jacob says he likes to help others and that passion grabbed the attention of Kelly Osbourne.

Last week, Jacob accompanied his sister to bring her car into a local garage.

She never expected how the owner would act towards Jacob. She says he started to bully him because of the color of his hair.

“Saying that that’s what girls do and then calling him ‘Mary’ as we were leaving,” Courtney Shelsy, Jacob’s sister, said.

Jacob ignored him but his feelings were hurt. He says he doesn’t regret his pink hair and he ignored the man’s rude comments.

On Facebook, his story took off.

Officer Darren Derby, who grew up with Jacob’s mother, was also inspired. He happened to know a close friend of Kelly Osbourne.

People all over the country are now showing support for Jacob.

“I feel pretty happy about it,” Jacob said.

He’s happy to spread an important message about self-love and kindness.

The biggest takeaway from Jacob’s story is a message to be yourself, be happy with yourself, and to always be kind to others.

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