Albany yoga studio takes aerial yoga to new heights

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Yoga has been gaining popularity in mainstream health and fitness over the last decade and has even branched off into new and more creative forms of the practice.

The “Good Karma” yoga studio in Albany teaches a new form of yoga, called aerial yoga.

Stretching can be excellent for the muscular-skeletal system, and a regimented yoga program can have a number of benefits.

Aerial yoga combines the benefits of both with extra support, via a hammock-like piece of fabric hanging from the ceiling, to add an extra level of difficulty to traditional yoga poses.

The practice also incorporates many aspects of Pilates, dance and gymnastics.

The swing enables you to lean deeper into stretches and sustain challenging poses for a longer period of times.

Whether on the floor or in a swing, remember to take it slow, and don’t sway or bob up and down when stretching. Doing so can cause you to pull a muscle.

To learn more about the Good Karma yoga studio and aerial yoga visit:

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