State Fair announces new drone video competition

Credit: Pixabay

GEDDES, N.Y. (WSYR) – The New York State Fair announced on Thursday that it will hold its first drone video competition this summer.

You can upload your video by clicking here until July 31.

Winners in each category will receive a prize of $250.

Videos will be judged in eight different categories, including:

  • New York State Drones: Videos created completely in New York State
  • Narrative: A fiction or non-fiction story told using a drone
  • Landscape & Architecture: Scenes shot using drones
  • Showreel:  A compilation of clips from various drone-shot videos
  • Sports: Athletic activity and competition shot using drones
  • Healthcare:  Videos highlight how drones are being used to improve the delivery of health services
  • Corporate/Industrial/Business:  Videos that feature drones and the work they are doing
  • Student: Videos created by an enrolled high school or college student, on any subject.  Students may submit to any other category.

Videos must be longer than five minutes; however videos in the corporate/industrial category may be longer than 10 minutes.

50 percent of the video must be shot using a drone.

Entry fees are $20 for videos in most categories, but students may pay $5.

Entries in the corporate, industrial, or business categories are $50.

The contest will be judged by a number of academics and drone enthusiasts.

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