Sober boater safety campaign launched in Albany and Saratoga counties

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – An initiative to crack down on boating under the influence is being launched by Albany and Saratoga counties with their new boater safety campaign.

This new campaign is called “Operation Sober Boater”.

Both counties are giving boaters a heads up that they’ll be sending deputies out on the water specifically looking for impaired drivers. So, they suggest you designate a responsible captain or pay the consequences.

According to the Boat U.S. Foundation, alcohol or drug use affects your ability to function in three critical ways: balance, judgment and reaction time.

They call it “tipsy” for a reason and that falling overboard and drowning accounts for at least one in four boating fatalities.

Additionally, that liquid courage gives normally cautious people the temptation to speed or try stunts that a sober person would likely avoid and with a slowed reaction time the chances of keeping it together are unlikely.

The sheriffs’ will be holding a press conference later Thursday morning down at the C. Springer Welding Works and Marina in Albany.

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple is partnering with the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office as well as a local law firm and representatives from a number of different waterfront restaurants and bars to send a strong message.

They’ll be reminding boaters to have that sober captain and to have all of the required safety equipment on board.

They’re also hoping to lower the number of incidents on the water that are caused by boaters who are either drinking or doing drugs.

Deputies from both departments will be out patrolling not only throughout this campaign but for the entire boating season as well, specifically looking for intoxicated boaters.


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