Local farms lose crops to excess rain, overly saturated soil

HOOSICK FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Recent strong storms and heavy rains have taken its toll on local corn crops.

Too much of anything can be a problem and that includes too much rain.

“That’s farming,” Don Skott, of Skott Farms, said. “When you get dealt a bad hand, you just deal with it and go on.”

Over the weekend, most of the crops and half the barn were completely immersed in water.

“We’re on high ground here; it’s not like the water has ever sat here,” Skott said. “The water has run off of here, but the ground is so saturated, the plants couldn’t tolerate it.”

Skott isn’t the only farmer struggling with over saturated soil.

“It’s discouraging,” Allen Cornell, of Cornell Farms, said. “You try to do everything, and you think it’s going good, but Mother Nature has the upper hand, as they say.”

One of the ways a farmer can tell when the corn has gotten too much water is when the plant starts to turn a yellowish color instead of green.

“You can try putting fertilizer on later on, but if it’s too wet and it continues to be too wet, then it’s just not going to cooperate and make an ear,” Cornell explained.

Besides flooding fields, the excess water has caused another unexpected problem.

“Dug it up, the roots were rotting in the ground from so much moisture, and believe it or not, this whole field had corn on it at one time.”

Both Cornell and Skott lost a good portion of their corn crops this year, but a large part of the loss came from the inability to even plant many of their crops due to the excess amount of moisture in the soil.

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