Murder victim’s girlfriend passes away

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – It’s a case that captivated the Capital Region.

In November of 2015, 21-year-old Noel Alkaramla went missing, her body turning up on New Year’s Eve in a suitcase in the Hudson River.

Now, Alkaramla’s then girlfriend and a possible witness in the upcoming trial against the suspected murderer has passed away.

Sara Moore’s brief obituary says she passed away on Saturday at her home in Troy.

Back in 2015, Moore spoke with NEWS10 ABC about the disappearance of her girlfriend Noel.

“I was asking if Noel was there and he kept telling me he was sleeping. Well if you’re sleeping then why are you answering your phone?”

That’s Moore telling NEWS10 ABC’S Anya Tucker about a conversation with Alkaramla’s stepfather Johnny Oquendo on the night she went missing.

Now that Moore, a potential witness in the Oquendo trial has passed away everything could change.

“I have to believe that both the prosecutors and the defense council right now are taking a good hard look at their case.”

Attorney Lee Kindlon weighed in on what can and cannot be used in the case moving forward.

“One, can you use their grand jury testimony if it existed? And the answer to that is probably no.”

That’s because there would be no opportunity for the defense to cross-examine those statements.

Issues can also come up as far as what Moore may have made said outside of court.

“Is there a ring of truth to their statement? Were they giving these statements in a scenario where someone is more likely, to tell the truth?”

Without Moore to testify herself, that could be seen as hearsay.

“The person you want to come in and share that story, share those statements. That’s always a question the proponent of those statements is going to be a problem.”

Statements like the ones Moore gave on camera to us back in 2015.

“It’s all leading toward her stepfather right now.”

Moore is being remembered by several family members and police are not considering her death suspicious.

Oquendo’s trial for the murder of Alkaralma is set to begin on September 18th.

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