Concerns about water issues at local RV resort

CORINTH, N.Y. (NEWS10) – People at a local campground are angry about a boil water advisory.

“The Department of Health says one thing. The campground says another all were asking for is somebody to find the truth before somebody does get seriously ill or dies,” Brian Estabrook, of Glens Falls, said.

Brian is angry and concerned for those spending time at Alpine Lake RV Resort in Corinth.

He says when he first arrived at check in on Friday, no one told him about a water issue there. He says he saw a sign on the door later on and his wife went back to check in to ask about the boil water advisory.

Patti Estabrook says she spoke to a manager named Bob.

“Out of those five wells only one tested low chlorine and it wasn’t one that was affecting our area.”

That’s what Patti says the manager told her. She was surprised on Wednesday when she says a staff member came along passing out pamphlets explaining more on the issue.

“Most of it said you can’t brush your teeth, wash your vegetables, and shouldn’t shower with the water,” Patti said.

Unfortunately, Patti and her family were showering and washing vegetables with the water. Her husband, who suffers from an autoimmune disease, says he wishes he was informed about the dangers.

“I’ve already contacted our doctor. Right now, I’m not sick so everything is good and I hope nobody gets sick,” Brian said.

“The information that Bob gave us by what the information the Health Department is telling us was inaccurate,” Patti said.

The New York State Health Department issued this statement:

“A Boil Water Advisory was issued for the Alpine Lake RV Resort in Corinth after tests confirmed there was no chlorine present and, subsequently, e-coli was found in the drinking water system. The advisory will not be lifted until chlorine is reestablished, two days of negative sampling for e-coli bacteria are returned, and a DOH final inspection is conducted. Furthermore, to ensure proper monitoring and compliance, the Department has since required that the park must contract with a certified water operator moving forward.”

“My biggest concern is that people aren’t knowing what’s happening because they’re really kinda of brushing it off,” Patti said.

NEWS10 ABC tried to speak to the manager but was told to leave. Bob would not answer any of our questions.

Another camper said she too was told that the chlorine was a low level and was not told that there was E.Coli in the water.

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