Albany Police respond to multiple overnight violent crimes

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A shooting and two stabbings took place Tuesday night in the city of Albany.

The shooting happened at Lark Street and Sheridan Avenue. The stabbings were part of a big fight on Lark at the corner of Orange Street.

Violent crimes in the city have been up significantly this year compared to last year and people living here want it to stop.

Ardra Wilson says she had a rough upbringing in the Arbor Hill West Hill area of Albany.

“I was adopted so I rip and ran the streets on my own.”

During that time, she thought a life of crime was the norm.

“I thought that things that I saw on the streets, fighting, selling drugs. Things of that we’re cool because that’s how I thought people survived.”

Now she works with at-risk teens in the city through an organization called Cure Violence.

“Things that I have overcome they see it. They don’t just hear it.”

She says the recent uptick in violent crime is concerning and she hopes she can help put an end to it.

“Picking up a knife or a gun to settle a dispute is the worst decision you could possibly make.”

Mayor Kathy Sheehan along with acting Albany Police Chief Bob Sears came together on Wednesday to address the issue.

“We are going to ensure that our streets are safe.”

There have already been six homicides this year, two remain unsolved. There were no killings this time last year.

“Those violent incidents are up.”

Last year at this time there were eight shootings in the city. This year there have already been 18. The five year average for the city is 38 shootings a year.

2016 saw 36 gun seizures and arrests by July 5th. This year, there have already been 60.

Sears says the violence this year has not been connected to gang violence and has been happening between people who know each other.

“We have no found a connection to any of the homicides over the last 12 months at all.”

Wilson says she wants to help stop that, starting with the 10 at-risk people under her mentorship.

“It takes one person to try and make a change. I’m trying to be that one person.”

There’s a way you can help too.

If you have any information on the two unsolved homicides or any other violent crime reach out to Albany Police Department through a beat officer, the detective hotline, or even an anonymous online tip form.

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