Uber experiences temporary outage in Upstate NY on July 4

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – About a week after ridesharing launched in Upstate New York, it experienced its first technical hiccup on Tuesday.

Upstate New Yorkers in the Capital Region and beyond have been excited for ridesharing to come to the area. Many were surprised to learn Uber failed from Albany to Syracuse and Rochester to Buffalo just before 1 a.m. Tuesday.

It was unavailable for both riders and drivers.

People took to Twitter and wrote the app said they were “not allowed to operate,” were “locked out from driving,” and that they couldn’t “drive or request.”

One Capital Region man snapped a screen grab that showed no cars were available in downtown Albany.

Assemblyman John McDonald, who was a big push behind getting ridesharing ready before the holiday, said the technical difficulty is a burden you have to bear with technology.

“Technology is great when it works; sometimes it doesn’t work,” he said.

An Uber spokesperson told NEWS10 ABC the glitch took place because of a temporary outage, and the company will be giving credits to riders and reaching out to drivers.

Uber is now working again. A spokesperson said the minor outage only affected Upstate New York.

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