Volunteer group offering free assistance to clean homes after Hoosick Falls flooding

HOOSICK FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A volunteer group is working to provide services to people in Hoosick Falls who have been left with severe damage after Saturday’s flood.

“I was completely shut down, numb,” Bonnie Bennett said. “I mean, it’s just devastating.”

When Bennett evacuated her home on Saturday night, the flooding had just begun, but the water level was quickly rising.

“First, I thought, well, maybe the washer was leaking, but then I realized it wasn’t,” she said. “We just had to hurry.”

When she came home the next morning, the damage was unimaginable.

“It came right up through the window outside,” she explained. “You can see the muck on the window sill.”

The water rose from her basement to the first floor.

“We could see as [the water] was rising,” she said. “The whole road was like a lake.”

The damage is astounding, so when Bennett found a volunteer service to assist with the cleanup, she said she felt “truly blessed.”

The Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief Team works alongside town officials and first responders after a crisis. But their work is unique. The homeowner never pays the SBC for its services.

“We come in, and we take care of what’s in there,” Chaplain Tim Snyder said. “We take out what needs to be torn out, and then everything is cleaned to the point that it can then be sanitized.”

The SBC is currently the only volunteer team in Hoosick Falls, and they said they will not leave Bennett and other residents any time soon.

“Our first goal is to take care of the homeowner,” SBC facilities manager Ed Lucas said.

To contact the SBC team, reach out to Ed Lucas at (603) 504-4955. He is currently in the town of Hoosick.

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