State of emergency issued in Hoosick Falls due to severe flooding

HOOSICK FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A State of Emergency has been issued in the Village of Hoosick Falls due to severe flooding.

Police said the flooding shut down access in and out of the village. The following streets are currently closed: Church Street, Main Street,and Elm Street.

Evacuations took place on Hall Street.

By morning, residents woke up to a disaster after the waters ripped through the town. Large sink holes were created by the runoff water in just hours.

“I’ve seen flooding on Hall Street before but never to this magnitude. This is unlike anything I’ve seen in my lifetime,” said Kevin O’Malley, town councilman.

After declaring the state of emergency Saturday night, the storms that caused the flooding created some of the worst damage Hoosick Falls residents had ever seen.

“I was like uh oh that’s going be really expensive to insure because it’s on the creek and they said no they hadn’t had flood insurance. The woman across the street said she’s lived there since 1998 and she’s never seen the creek jump it’s banks and even during hurricanes Sandy and Irene it wasn’t this bad,” said Helen Carlone, resident of Hoosick Falls.

Woods Brook, the body of water running beneath the town was the culprit of most damage. The brook blew out Saturday night, causing major devastation.

Neil Stowell is the highway superintendent for the village of Hoosick Falls. He provided a tour of the storm damage for NEWS10 ABC.

“It went through backyards and pretty much cellars and wherever it could find its way through it went,” Stowell said. “Pretty much came right down Spring Street, then filtered back into the brook.”

A series of recreation baseball fields were completely flooded and will need ample time to dry out.

Many residents were left without power and evacuated to safe zones like St. Mary’s School at Immaculate Conception Church. There were some minor injuries during evacuation and one elderly woman is currently in the hospital but there were no fatalities.

The village is still urging residents to avoid unnecessary travel.

Residents are urged to report any immediate safety issues to 911.

An emergency shelter was set up at the Hoosick Falls High School.

Follow the latest statements from Hoosick Falls Police.

Previous NEWS10 ABC video provides a timeline of the flooding developments in Hoosick Falls:

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