Pastor brings summer meals to Capital Region youth

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Approximately 42,000 Capital Region Students get free or reduced lunch during the school year.

So what happens when schools out for the summer?

Well in addition to the many feeding centers set up by counties and school districts, Pastor Charlie of Victory Christian Church has come up with another idea.

Pastor Charlie had originally bought a truck so that he could bring healthy smoothies to kids throughout the city.

While he says he’ll still do that on the weekends, Monday thru Friday will now be used as a food truck to deliver a well-balanced lunch to kids in at risk areas in Albany, Schenectady and here in Troy.

Tuesday morning, Pastor Charlie and his helpers met at the J C Club Child Feeding Center  at First and Quail streets in Albany.

“We have kids from life song they’re special needs kids and it’s so great working with them saying hey great job and they feel great about it,” Pastor Charlie said.

Volunteers from Life Song are here helping to prepare the lunches they’ll pack into a bag and load on a truck and what’s the most important rule? Work together and have fun!

They’ll kick things off with 100 lunches today, but Pastor Charlie thinks they’ll soon be making 200 to 300 lunches a day.

“We went with natural peanut butter. We always like to put a fruit in there. We also have a turkey alternative. The juice boxes you got to be real careful with because you can eat all sugar,” Pastor Charlie said.

As we’ve previously reported, the city of Troy won’t be opening their pools this summer for financial reasons. But, those pools also doubled as feeding centers so the truck will make its way through the Collar City as well. Pastor Charlie said if kids don’t know where to go or have no way of getting there, he and his team will find them.

“They may be in a park they won’t make it to an indoor food program so we’re going to be able to pull up and feed them and they’re going to know that we’ll be there tomorrow, ” Pastor Charlie said.

Not only that, Pastor Charlie says he’ll be giving away more than 300 small pools throughout the summer to families to fill the void.

“We’re going to find our routes talk to the moms make sure there’s a real need make sure she’s responsible with the pool,” Pastor Charlie said. “I just believe it’s going to be a great summer.”

He’ll be out here for the next 47 days of summer break, Monday through Friday from 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

So look for the big green truck and don’t be afraid to flag him down!

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