Uber and Lyft begin services in Upstate NY

(AP Photo/Richard Vogel, File)

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Uber and Lyft are finally here.

New York State law allowing ride-sharing services to expand beyond the Big Apple (NYC) went into effect at 12:01 Thursday morning. The apps went live just after midnight.

After a few taps on the app and about a 10-minute wait, Shannon our Uber driver pulled into NEWS10 ABC. She was incredibly accommodating and her car was squeaky clean.

A quick 10-minute drive to the State Capitol cost a flat rate of $7.

Shannon then took NEWS10 ABC’s Sam DiMascio to Troy where she took a Lyft.

For George and many of the other drivers, ride-sharing will serve as a second job or a way to make some extra cash post-retirement.

“You can work one hour a month or 80 hours a month. It’s whatever you want to do,” George, the Lyft driver, said.

Once you reach your destination, both the rider and the driver are prompted to rate each other.

Local cab owners told NEWS10 ABC’s Rachel Yonkunas that in terms, of business they are not worried with Lyft and Uber in town.

“In my own estimate, I’m not thinking that Uber will make a pinch in our business here in Albany,” Thomas, a driver with Yellow Taxi, said.

After comparing the same rides between Uber and Lyft, only one of the cab rides was cheaper than using Uber and Lyft.

Cost Breakdown

Click on each tile to compare costs between local cab companies and Uber/Lyft services.

An important safety reminder, be sure to check the emblem on the window of the car to make sure it is an official ride sharing vehicle before you climb in the car.

Cab companies are concerned about whether Uber and Lyft also need to apply for hack licenses or madallions.

The original legislation said it would start July 9th, but lawmakers worked out a deal to start earlier for the 4th of July.

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