Police: Car break-ins, graffiti in Cobleskill may be connected

COBLESKILL, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Police believe a series of break-ins and graffiti in a local village may be connected.

After a series of car break-ins, Cobleskill police are urging people to keep their cars locked.

“It makes you feel uncomfortable,” Karen English said. “You don’t know if they’re breaking in cars, what else are they doing?”

English isn’t comforted to learn people are breaking into cars in her neighborhood.

“We’re finding more and more things that happen like this,” she said.

The night of June 17, 15 cars were broken into on nine different streets, including Elm Street, Washington Avenue, North Grand Street, North Street, Union Street, Iroquois Drive, Meadow Lane, Pine Street, and Quarry Street.

Police said some change and other items – most of little value – were stolen, and a tire was punctured. None of the cars were locked.

Police continue to look into who’s responsible, but they believe they’re the same people who spray painted graffiti near English’s home on Elm Street.

“We felt very upset,” English said.

The graffiti included images of sexual references, offensive language, and a racial slur, and a swastika covered the street, sidewalks, and a newspaper box.

“This has always been a family-oriented street, and you don’t really like that for your children to see,” English said.

Police don’t believe any graffiti made it past Elm Street, though the break-ins were more widespread.

“There might be some kids just being kids, and I’m hoping that they’re not going to do it anymore,” Letty Merced, of Cobleskill, said.

Merced said you can’t take any risks these days.

“We just take precautions and make sure they are locked, you know, because you can’t live in fear,” she said.

While she and English continue to keep their cars secure, they hope the culprits are found.

“Maybe we can nip this in the bud,” English said.

Police ask anyone who has information about the incidents to give them a call at (518) 234-2923.

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