Mother uses ‘Count the Kicks’ app to save her baby’s life

NEW YORK (ABC NEWS) – A mother says a free app helped save her baby’s life by tracking how often she kicked.

For Emily and Jeremy Eekhoff, and two-year-old Liam, life with their new baby Ruby is extra precious.

“We have a healthy baby girl and we could’ve had a burial instead,” Emily said.

Ruby is lucky to be alive and her mom says that’s largely thanks to an app.

The free app called Count the Kicks aims to prevent stillborn deaths by helping moms record their baby’s movements.

“You tap the footprint and every time you feel a movement. It could be a kick, jab or a roll,” Emily Price, of Count the Kicks, said.

Used at the same time every day, the app tracks how long it takes to reach ten kicks, helping mom learn what’s normal for her baby

“We also send out calendar reminders and text reminders so that moms are reminded to do it once a day in the third trimester.”

It’s just one of a growing number of apps designed to help parents through pregnancy and labor.

For the Eekhoffs, everything was going smoothly until one day last month.

“The kicks were not happening as frequently as they usually did.  And when she did move it was really like soft, subtle not like hard kicks, like normal,” Emily said.

Emily knew from the app that her baby normally kicked 10 times in under 10 minutes, so when she only logged three kicks in an hour she rushed to the hospital.

“They came in and said, ‘you’re gonna have an emergency C section’,” Jeremy said.

The umbilical cord had wrapped around the baby three times, limiting her movement. Doctors delivered Ruby just in the nick of time.

“So not only has Ruby been saved, potential generations have been saved,” Price said.

“She’s sleeping 23 hours a day,” Emily said.

Four weeks later, Ruby is now home healthy and sleeping like a baby.

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