Former tenant leaves behind tarantulas, scorpions in abandoned apartment

HOUSTON (ABC NEWS) – Here’s a truly creepy and crawly story!

A tenant abandoned his Texas apartment before being evicted but he left behind a little surprise for management.

Boxes of tarantulas and scorpions were left for someone else to deal with.

The critters were living at the Winding Trails Apartments in Southwest Houston.

The final occupants of apartment 104 were carried out. One neighbor never realized he was living next door to what you might call a house full of pets.

“Real quiet. No problems and no loud noises.”

The tarantulas and scorpions were all found in their containers.

Their owner left before an eviction notice for failing to pay rent was served. He never returned for what he left behind.

The SPCA and police were notified of the find when a maintenance worker went to clean out the apartment.

There’s no evidence the owner was selling the tarantulas and scorpions, but he bought a lot of them. Some of the containers still had the prices he paid for them.

While they’ve been without food for several weeks, they can survive for a month or more.  The material in which they’re kept called sub-strata- and while some of the containers appear empty. It’s possible tarantulas burrowed beneath the surface, so the count may rise.

It’s already setting a record for this cruelty investigator.

“This is my first one of this nature. Sometimes you may see one or two along with other animals like that but apparently this was his thing,” Sgt. Christine Kendrick said.

Houston Zoo experts said there were 72 in all, including three dead tarantulas and more than 50 baby scorpions.

Now they’re all considered evidence in an animal abandonment case.

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