Local communities cleaning up after storms roll through

MILTON, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Many communities are cleaning up after a strong storm moved through the region Tuesday evening.

“Cleaning up the mess from the aftermath is not a great way for me to start my vacation,” Shavon Keefe, of Milton, said.

Keefe was driving home in Milton when the storm hit. She was caught in a torrential downpour, when clouds rolled through, and the wind picked up.

“I came home to see the top of my tree had broken off, fell down in the front of my yard and had gotten a little bit of our roof.”

It’s lights out for her community off Rock City Road. Several crews around Saratoga County are working on live wires and tangled trees.

Neighbors say the storm came fast and furious.

“The power started flickering. I have a metal roof and all of a sudden it sounded like trees were coming through the roof,” Debbie Hulsman, of Milton, said.

“Bang, bang, bang! And then the wind just went crazy.”

Now, the clean up begins.

Homeowners are clearing their yards, dragging fallen limbs and branches into a pile. Others are wondering when their power will be restored.

“Hopefully soon we get that back. We won’t know until we get further into the night,” Keefe said.

Families are grateful that there wasn’t significant damage to their property.

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