Everything you need to know about legal fireworks in the Capital Region

LATHAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Fourth of July is a week away and many places in the Capital Region are selling fireworks.

Drive just about anywhere in our region and you’ll see tents and pop up stores selling fireworks.

“Just an exciting time with the sounds and the smells.”

Ron Behe works for Phantom Fireworks and this week, he has set up shop at the Latham Farms Plaza.

For the next seven days, he expects big business from the enthusiasts who just can’t resist an extra bang for their buck.

“Personally I would like a rocket that goes up 7,000 feet.”

Recently, New York State allowed the sale of small ground fireworks like sparklers; however, anything that shoots in the air is still illegal.

“The term the state uses is safe and sane.”

One local county you won’t find fireworks is Schenectady County. This year, they decided to ban the sale of fireworks, even sparklers.

A representative for the county says this is because too many people were unsure which ones were legal. It also made it tough on law enforcement.

Attorney George Lamarche says an increase in injuries played a factor.

“People aren’t a far enough distance away from where they are shooting off or they are tilted the wrong way and they fall over.”

He’s had clients who have been hurt by them.

Meanwhile, Laurie Laduke sells fireworks for her fundraiser Fur Balls Rescue that helps rescue and adopt cats.

She says she’s fine with Schenectady County’s ban.

“My husband has PTSD and they do bother him and they bother our animals. In fact every 4th of July, we take our animals to a camp to get away from the area.”

So will the ban work? Lamarche says it’s a nice thought but probably not.

“The reality is, it’s the 4th of July and people are still likely to use fireworks whether that ban is in effect or not.”

Schenectady County will still offer two different professional fireworks shows. They are encouraging the public to attend, just make sure to leave the sparklers at home.

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