Saratoga Springs Zoning Board appeal to not build shelter fails

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – People who are against a new Code Blue shelter in Saratoga Springs may have to take legal action if they want to stop the construction.

At a zoning board meeting Monday night, it was determined their appeal was not made in time to consider.

The board voted not to take the opposition of the Code Blue shelter any further.

“The motion passes 7 to 0. The appeal was not timely enough for us to consider the second issue.”

Upsetting to people like Angela Pringle who live in the are where the shelter would be built.

“My major concern is that Code Blue serves a different clientele than Shelters of Saratoga.”

The appeal to the construction of an addition to one of the Shelters of Saratoga buildings as a Code Blue shelter was not filed in time.

“An appeal should be taken within 60 days following any order or requirement of decision or interpretation from the administrative official.”

The shelters lawyer arguing extensively the appeal was late, saying all other issues are irrelevant.

The lawyer representing the neighbors says the paperwork she has on file is within the time limit, arguing the point of her clients.

“That this fit the definition of a neighborhood rooming house which of course we do not agree with.”

The board ultimately ruling in favor of the Shelters of Saratoga, but Pringle says the fight to stop the Code Blue shelter is far from over.

“I think there’s more that we can do. We can go through the court system.”

Both the executive director of Shelters of Saratoga and the lawyer representing the non-profit declined to comment further saying they don’t speak on legal matters.

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