Troy flea market is unique in more ways than one

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Troy is getting trendy and you don’t need to look further than the flea market on the riverfront.

“It’s basically a collection of vendors who are all sorts micro enterprises who are all looking to show off their skills and their talents,” said Dylan Turk, event organizer

The Troy flea market is not your average community event.

It includes a variety of vendors with foods and other interesting, unique products.

“Now I’ll just put a little oil on here so they get all crispy, then we’ll just wait five minutes and we’ll be all ready,” said one of the vendors, Colin Kuebler as he grills a burger.

Meghan Marohn writes spontaneous poetry for complete strangers and she does it just for the fun of it. Marohn only asks for donations.

Meghan Marohn:  (34-44) “If people want a poem on the Hudson River or the person that they love we talk about the qualities of that person and then we together come up with a poem,” Marohn said.

It’s people like Meghan who make this community so special, event organizer Dylan Turk says.

“It’s not just about an individual it’s really a community here, we all care about the stores, we care about the people, we care about the people who live here,” Turk said.

Chuck Miller came out today to find some funky antiques and explore the city he says is booming more than ever.

“You’re seeing a lot more including the Troy flea that draws people back into Troy , I remember growing up there were a lot of people who wanted to get away from Troy as fast as possible,” Miller said.

Other hot finds at the flea market include: jewelry, art, and plenty of food.

Some people say that this place is the “New Brooklyn” but one local assured me that like the flea market, this city is one-of-a-kind.

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