Recent rainfall affecting Capital Region farmers

CASTLETON, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Local farmers say the recent rainfall directly affects their way of life.

It’s the only life Chuck Peter has ever known.

“It was something you didn’t really realize growing up that you were different than other kids. That they didn’t really do this for a living.”

His family has owned Peter’s Dairy Farm since 1912.

“Always have the memories of being in the barn with my parents and working together to keep the place going.”

Now 32-years-old, he helps his dad Paul run the place. They’ve faced their share of challenges over the years, but none quite like this.

“You look up at those clouds and you’re thinking, here we go again? Words I can’t say on television.”

May was the rainiest month Chuck’s seen in over a decade. That put everything behind schedule.

To get the maximum profit from their corn, it needed to be planted by May 10th. Chuck wasn’t able to get his in the ground until June 5th, nearly a month later.

“You’re starting the year behind the eight ball and losing ground.”

He says because everything is delayed, his bottom line will be impacted.

“My grandpa used to say drought will scare a man, flood will starve him.”

Up the road is Swartz Dairy and Produce, which specializes in delicious strawberries. Mike Swartz, a partner at the farm, is also noticing the affect from the weather.

“The lack of sunshine has delayed everything significantly,” Swartz said.

The farmers agree, the one thing you can’t control is the weather.  For now, both just hope to catch up while the sun is still shining.

“You can’t really drive yourself too crazy because then you’ll just end up banging your head against the wall forever.”

“You do the best you can and work as hard as you can,” Peter said. “You try to get the best crop out of the ground that you can.”

Chuck says he and his dad will re-evaluate which crops they plant and they hope that will allow them to catch up on the time they missed because of the weather.

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