Million Dollar Beach closed again for E.Coli contamination

LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – To get to the bottom of contamination problems at Million Dollar Beach, crews are going to the bottom of sewer lines to figure out if that has anything to do with it.

“We’re looking at all possibilities and ruling them out as we go.”

DEC Engineer Carol Lamb-Lafay will be out near the embattled beach through Thursday. The DEC is working with the village and town of Lake George to solve the mysterious recurring E.coli contamination at Million Dollar Beach.

“The town and the village have cameras and they’re running the cameras down the sewer lines looking for any kind of breaks. They’re also looking for any kind of cross connections that could possibly be impacting the beach. They’ve also done some dye testing up in the residential neighborhood.”

The beach’s opening has already been delayed twice this month because of higher than normal bacteria levels. Now the agency is looking into the possibility of illegal waste-water discharge or sewer overflows.

The team says they’ve also tested tributaries that feed Lake George right next to Million Dollar Beach.

Village Mayor Robert Blaise says he, too, is tired of the beach being shut down. While other beaches around the lake are safe, the loss of one of its most popular in the busy season is troubling.

“We believe that the southern end of the lake is the beautiful smile part of Lake George. We believe that the beaches in particular are our teeth, so we’re missing a tooth right now out of that beautiful smile.”

Beachgoers who traveled hours for their vacation are happy something is finally being done to investigate further.

“If they’re trying to get to the bottom of it, they must know something’s wrong. It’s obvious if they find out what it is, they can fix it.”

The findings from all of the tests and investigations are expected to be discussed in a meeting that should happen within the next few days.

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