Experienced hiker from Catskill goes missing while climbing Russian mountain

CATSKILL, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The family of a missing man, who has ties to the Capital Region, is desperate for answers.

Steven Beare’s family says his Army training and climbing expertise will help him survive the stormy conditions at Russia’s highest mountain peak and they won’t give up on finding him.

“It’s been traumatic. It really has been. The hardest part is the waiting,” John Gotebiowski, Uncle of Steven Beare, said.

In the shadows of the Catskill mountains, a family gathers close, holding onto hope that their Steven will return to them and come back home to the same place where he learned how to ski and climb all those years ago.

A message from his mom in the Catskill High School Yearbook proves that a mother’s love never quits.

“Keep your faith strong and success will continue to be yours,” Steven Beare’s mother Eileen wrote.

Perhaps she’s now taking her own advice.

She’s remaining strong in her faith as a search for her son among Europe’s tallest mountain Mt. Elbrus in Russia, has yet to be successful.

Steven’s Uncle John not giving up either.

“There’s a lot of snow, a lot of fog, so it’s been a stop and go type of search operation so far,” Gotebiowski said.

The Beare family has hired a private search team to look for Steven.

“He’s a very resourceful person, a very strong person and a good head on his shoulders.”

Meanwhile, high school sweetheart and now wife Olivia Beare fields calls with the Russian embassy and others at their now home in Colorado where Steven is a police officer. She’s holding their son Bryan tight with a little one on the way, she remains strong for Steven too.

Officials say on June 16th Steven Beare never made it back to a checkpoint, and has not been seen or heard from since.  He had a dream of climbing the world’s seven peaks. He already completed Mt. Kilimanjaro and a peak in Mexico.

Steven was on the mountain when a storm and then a blizzard hit.

“I think If anybody has a chance, he does,” Gotebiowski said.

Relying on his training, Steven a U.S. Army veteran and current National Guardsmen has served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and has extensive training in climbing and cold weather situations.

“Now it’s just a matter of time to wait and have people go and back track and try and retrace his steps and actually find him.”

Steven’s law enforcement family back in Colorado has set up a donation fund to help pay for the private search and rescue team.  To donate visit: http://www.coloradopolicefoundation.org/search-for-steven.

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