TSA offers summer travel tips at Albany International Airport

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – This weekend marks the official kick-off of summer.

Nearly 500,000 people are expected to go in and out of Albany International Airport alone, about 2,000 more people per day.

Francesco Genovesi has been a TSA agent for the past 13 years.

In that time, passengers have to go through body scans and remember to separate their computers, but Genovesi says some things never change.

“A lot of the same mistakes with passengers bringing certain prohibited items through the checkpoint,” Genovesi said.

Genovesi says a lot of people still forget to separate liquids.

“Every bag that has liquid that’s in the carry on and not in a Ziploc bag, we have to search it.”

“We just want to make sure that they’re as informed as they can be to be here on time and ready for that screening process,” Bart Johnson, Upstate New York Federal Security Director, said.

As this weekend, it is the official kickoff of summer, Johnson wants to remind travelers of the simple rules.

Liquids must be in a quart-size bag and less than 3.4 ounces each, anything over gets tossed including sealed bottles.

Remember to separate your laptop from your bag and most importantly check your bag.

Rochester’s Airport recently recovered three handguns in two days from people who forgot they had them.

“Law enforcement responded, it literally shut down the whole checkpoint, inconvenienced hundreds of people who are trying to get through safely, all on the actions of one individual.”

Most of all have patience and make sure you allow at least 90 minutes before your flight.

“Be here on time, ready to go, and be aware of the threat and if you see something, say something.”

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