6/20 Pet Connection: Roberta

Roberta and her siblings, Arlene, Campbell, and Bryan, were found on May Avenue in Rotterdam. We are still trying to get mama cat, but she’s too smart to go into the trap!

The kittens were named for the surrounding streets. We estimate that they are about 3-4 months old. The kittens have gotten over their “hissy” phase and now they enjoy being cuddled.

Roberta is the snuggliest of the bunch. She is polydactyl on both her front AND back paws and she uses her large mittens to maul her siblings, although she’s the smallest of the bunch.

These fuzzballs MUST go to a home with another feline; they are too young to be an “only” cat. Why not take 2?


Kitten Angels (518) 573-9906

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