Colorado voters to decide whether to ban sale of smart phones for kids under 13

(AP Photo/Wong Maye-E)

DENVER, Colo. (FOX 21) — You see smartphones everywhere – from the kitchen table to school hallways – they can be hard to miss.

But how young is too young to constantly be connected to social media, apps and texts messages on a smartphone?

Voters in Colorado may be the first to consider the nation’s first legal age limits on children buying smartphones.

A proposal cleared by state ballot officials for 2018 would ban the sale of smartphones to children younger than 13, or more likely to parents who intend to give the smartphone to kids in that age bracket.

Denver-area dad Tim Farnum is behind the proposed ballot initiative that would be the first of its kind in the country. Farnum is the founder of Parents Against Underage Smartphones (PAUS), a nonprofit pushing the proposal.

The ban would require cellphone retailers to ask customers how old the primary user of the smartphone is, and retailers would have to submit monthly reports to the Colorado Department of Revenue saying they had fulfilled that requirement.

Retailers that sell a phone intended for use by a child will receive a warning first, then a fine of $500 for a repeat offense.

You tell us: At what age is it appropriate for a kid to have a smartphone?

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