EXCLUSIVE: Landlord says Troy Police Drug Unit admitted to not having search warrant

Troy Police Department (Photo Credit: Jeff Holmes-Hunter, NEWS10 ABC)

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – News10 ABC is learning more about why an entire unit of the Troy Police Department was placed on administrative leave.

The mayor and police are still remaining tight-lipped about the details but confirm they’re conducting an internal investigation into what is being called a personnel matter concerning its drug and weapons unit.

According to multiple sources this all stems from officers illegally entering a home without a warrant and covering it up by not including it in their report.

A Troy landlord said this matter happened June 9 at her property on Oakwood Avenue consisting of three apartments.

“I feel like they could come in at any time and do whatever they want,” the landlord said.

The landlord doesn’t feel safe, after she said Troy Police did just that to her tenant’s apartment. Officers told her what happened a few days later.

“They just said that they had a suspicion,” she said.

They told her they received a tip that one of the units at her property was used as a stash house for cocaine and heroin and that a wanted fugitive was hiding out there.

“They staked it out for 6 hours…and they saw no activity so they went up to the house and knocked on the door,” the landlord said.

Officers told her they leaned on the door and it popped right open.

“They went up the stairs because they thought that maybe it was burglarized so they wanted to make sure that everything was okay inside the house,” the landlord said.

But, she said they did more than just check-in on the home. They searched the cabinets and drawers, found some IDs and left, never finding anything suspicious.

That isn’t all they told her.

“They told me that they did it without a warrant,” she said.

She has no clue why they admitted this to her. But, she said these officers were in the wrong.

“Had they had a warrant, a proper warrant and probable cause to enter the apartment then you know then they’re doing their job,” the landlord said.

Now she’s happy to learn they’ve been placed on leave, but hopes more will be done.

“It’s just very disturbing that they violated my tenant’s rights,” she said.

NEWS10 ABC reached out to police and the mayor’s office for comment and updates, but was told they have no new information to release at this time.

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