Countdown to the end of the NY Legislative session

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Lawmakers have just one week left for this year’s session with many members saying that’s an eternity.

Lawmakers are down to their last 72 scheduled hours in Albany.

But if this year’s week-late budget proves anything, it’s that a schedule can be thrown out the window.

There are some key issues that both chambers have yet to agree on and pass in both houses.

Should they raise the age someone can buy tobacco from 18 to 21? Will they set harsher penalties for those selling heroin or choosing to fly by school buses? Or the ability to buy alcohol in a movie theater?

All questions that the answer is still unknown.

Bills on Monday’s Senate calendar include enhancing benefits for volunteer firefighters, not allowing sex offenders to drive for ride-sharing companies and changing who can provide loans to lawmakers.

There’s also less invasive bills like requiring all new cars be sold with the offer of including a spare tire and car jack,  make schools update lighting if they’re in older buildings and changing how college’s announce it’s getting rid of an athletic team.

They’ll have three days or more to figure it all out before heading back to their districts until January.

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