Keeping your pets cool, safe while traveling in the car during high temperatures

COHOES, N.Y. (NEWS10) – When bringing a pet on vacation, there are some things you should know before putting them in the car.

Marguerite Pearson with the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society said you should never leave your pet alone in the car.

“A car can, within 10 minutes, become 20 degrees hotter even with the windows cracked,” she said.

But what do you do when you’re traveling alone and need to make a pit stop?

“Keep your air conditioner going,” Pearson said. “Don’t do it for more than a few minutes.”

That’s exactly what Amber Beiring said she does with her dog Snookie.

“We leave the car running when it’s a hot day, leave the air conditioning on for her, just lock the doors,” she said. “Keep the windows cracked a little bit, so that way she has fresh air coming in, too.”

Beiring is traveling from Buffalo to Portsmouth, N.H.

“I’ll go through a drive thru place that has a drive thru if I want food,” she said.

She knows how dangerous it is to leave Snookie alone.

“You wouldn’t want to leave your kid in a hot vehicle; why would you want to do it to an animal?” she said.

Gabrielle Billsborrow and Cody Shafer take extra precautions when it comes to their dog Tucker.

“Sometimes I’ll even drive with four windows down and the A/C on cause I get so nervous I just want constant flow for him,” Billsborrow said.

“We never leave him alone,” Shafer said.

“We always have one stay in the car while one just runs in real quick,” Billsborrow said.

And make sure to bring along plenty of water.

While Pearson said they’re all good tips, the best tip is to not leave your furry friends alone in the car at all.

“You really can’t be too careful when you’re traveling with your pet in a vehicle on a hot day,” she said.

Even on a warm day, it can get very hot inside the car.


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