Downtown is Pawsome sculpture installation taking place on Wednesday

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The official installation of the first 10 sculptures for the Downtown is Pawsome placemaking exhibit is taking place on Wednesday.

The public art exhibit will feature 20 three-foot-tall sculptures based on Albany’s famous canine resident and local landmark Nipper the Dog will be on display through May 2018.

Sculpture Name Artist Location
“Een grote delft blauwe doggo” Jessica Mansmith Albany Heritage Area Visitors Center  |
25 Quackenbush Square
“Second Chances” Bob Anderson Wallenburg Park entrance | N. Pearl between Clinton Avenue & Orange Street
“Mark” Sarah Bassett & Hannah McGrath Tricentennial Park | Broadway between Steuben & Columbia Streets
“Scooby Doodle” Upside Collective Hudson River Way Pedestrian Bridge | Broadway & Maiden Lane
“Steampunk Nipper” Elaine Wilson 80 State Street
“Bright Side” Melanie Lucia Clarke Albany Capital Center | Eagle & Howard Streets
“Almos” Diane Cubit S. Pearl & Howard Streets
“City Lines” Mitchell Biernacki Broadway, between Beaver Street & Hudson Avenue
“New Neighbor Ned” Tim Fealey Madison Avenue, between Grand Street & Trinity Place
“Tulip Festival” Myers Middle School Albany Coliseum | 153 S. Pearl Street

More information, including walking tour maps, will be available on the BID’s website at on Friday, June 16th.

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