A/C and ice cream: Capital Region cools off in high temps

WATERVLIET, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Beating the heat was proving to be a challenge on Monday.

It was a busy day for Appolo Heating. The company was in the business of cooling people off as air conditioners continue to be overworked in the sweltering temperatures.

“We got probably, right now, 10 guys out,” Brian Hartman with Appolo said. “Everybody’s doing 10 calls a day around the clock and just nonstop going.”

Hartman said his team is fixing compressors 24 hours a day to give relief to customers like Laxmi Baral. He and his family were sweating it out inside their Watervliet home all day Sunday after their compressor suddenly broke.

“It was really, really hot,” he said. “I left all the windows open, the sliding door open.”

Just down the road at Watervliet Junior High School, students found a sweet way to cool off in science class.

Eighth graders learned about thermal energy and used a unique lab to make their own ice cream.

“You can see them; they’re off the walls in the classroom anyway so putting them outside where they can actually burn off some energy and then make a sweet treat – this makes science fun for them,” science teacher Ashleigh Fraley said.

So whether you’re having some ice cream or blasting the air conditioner, finding a way to make the most of the rising temperatures seems to be the best bet as the warmer temperatures will be sticking around.

If you’re without ice cream or A/C, there are plenty of places in the Capital Region that are near water that tend to be a bit cooler. Doctors also insist you drink a lot of water and to not overexert yourself.

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