Woman distracted by cell phone falls down open cellar door

PLAINFIELD, N.J. (CNN) – Texting while walking was a big mistake for a woman in Plainfield, New Jersey.

She tumbled six feet down through an open cellar door that she didn’t see in front of her.

From surveillance footage, the two wide open cellar doors look hard to miss.

The video shows a PSE&G crew going down to do some work. Then minutes later, the woman appears down the block walking straight towards the cellar.

Right before she gets to the open door she looks at her phone and flips head first into the basement about six feet below.

Two passers-by, stunned and the worker in the cellar rush towards the woman.

Others on the block quickly came to look, including a police officer who happened to be across the street.

Patricio Romero works in a shop just feet away.

“Somebody was telling me I was ‘oh my God,’ unbelievable, you know. It’s something that could happen at any minute because everybody’s texting.”

Fire crews arrived and rescued the woman, pulling her out of the basement on a stretcher.

Authorities confirmed what the video shows, that the 67-year-old woman appeared to have been distracted by her cell phone.

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