Police investigating dog shooting death in Greene County

ROUND TOP, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Police are investigating the shooting death of a dog that has a Greene County community on both sides of the fence.

A dog that took off a half mile from home was shot in the woods by man who says he was only firing a warning shot. Now the dog’s owner wants him charged.

Wendy Hasenkopf admits her 5-year-old black lab Gunther often strayed from their family owned resort in Round Top.

Sometimes Gunther ran to a neighbor’s home to play with her dogs.

Gunther had wandered Wednesday night. That’s when the man who lives next door says Gunther ran through the woods, charged onto his property and he fired a warning shot.

The man didn’t want to go on camera but says he fired the shot protect his dog Max, whom he says Gunther had attacked multiple times.

Meanwhile, Wendy was frantically searching for her dog.

The man admitted to killing Gunther but says he didn’t mean to and is sorry. Wendy is not satisfied with his explanation.

She says Gunther was a therapy dog for her husband.

The man who shot the dog says he knows he can’t bring Gunther back but says he wants to buy the family a puppy to try to make amends.

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