Hoosick Falls reacts to Health Dept. cancer study

HOOSICK FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Some are concerned in Hoosick Falls about a cancer study released by the Health Department.

“If half the people who drank the water over the last 20 years moved away then these numbers mean nothing,” Loreen Hackett, a Hoosick Falls resident, said.

Hackett, who is with PFOA Project New York, is furious after reviewing the study.

She and others fear that the study did not include people who were exposed to PFOA-contaminated water but moved out of the village.

“They don’t know the people that lived here for 30 years, worked here and then maybe moved to North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida who possibly died five to 10 years ago from cancer. It’s not going to show up on any of these reports,” Kevin Allard, of the Town of Hoosick, said.

The State Health Department focused on cancers that are associated with PFOA including testicular, kidney, prostate and bladder.

COMPLETE COVERAGE: Hoosick Falls water contamination crisis

The department says it used the New York State Cancer Registry to collect data used for the study. It concluded that there was no significant incidence of these cancers in the Village of Hoosick Falls.

“It’s understandable that there would be heightened expectations for concern among residents. I’d want them to know that the department continues to care deeply about them, that we’re going to be with them in the coming days, weeks and months,” Brad Hutton, Deputy Commissioner of Public Health, said.

The Health Department says they did not have any findings that those who moved out of the village would have impacted the cancer numbers in a significant way.

Michael Hickey who discovered the contamination in the village disagrees.

“It’s my 20-year class reunion this year and we were looking at the invitation list and I think there was only six people that still live in Hoosick Falls. So you know you’re missing a lot of people by doing this study the way they did it.”

The state says there was a 12 person peer review done on the study.

“Largely they were very supportive of the methods that were used here for the cancer report,” Hutton said.

On Wednesday night, there is an informational session here at the Armory from 6 to 8 p.m.

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