Fort Ann race track facing permit problems

FORT ANN, N.Y. (NEWS10) – There is another roadblock for a new motocross track in Fort Ann.

The checkered flags are up, but there will be no racing this weekend. Supporters of the newly opened racetrack say the reason why is simply unfair.

The ADK MX Racetrack jumped a lot of hurdles in its transformation from golf course to motocross facility.

“We ran into one roadblock after the other with the five months of going through the planning board and some of the neighbors up in arms over change. I did not expect this and I certainly did not expect this now,” Jeremy Treadway, Owner of ADK MX, said.

Treadway is disappointed that the track’s first ever race planned for this weekend is canceled over parking.

“This here is where the overnight parking would be for the competitors.”

The problem is one of the conditions for the track set forth by the town board is no camping allowed.

“All we’ve asked for is overnight parking for our competitors. They need to leave bikes here, trailers here.”

Treadway can’t help but see this is just one more obstacle thrown his way. Fort Ann Town Supervisor Richard Moore says that’s not the case.

“The town board’s job is to make certain the conditions of the resolution are met,” Moore said.

It’s not just Treadway and the 300 riders who are upset. The nearby Harley-Davidson dealership was looking forward to the race coinciding with Americade.

“To give them something different to do. Going to watch a race which is something they’ve never had the opportunity to do when they’ve come to Americade for the past 35 years,” Alise McDermott, of McDemott’s Harley-Davidson, said.

A truck stop a few miles down the road from the track had even scheduled extra workers.

“It’s disappointment. It’s something we look forward to for them and us it’s a town that is welcoming to every business and we try to support each other,” Shannon O’Brian, Truck Stop manager, said.

Treadway says the race could have brought in 2,000 spectators and meant a huge economic boost.

“It would be very good for this area, very good for the businesses it’s a beautiful track that we want to start to race on,” Treadway said.

Now his only option is to go back to the planning board and try to get a special variance or some of the conditions lifted. He admits the future of the track is uncertain.

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