Man unhappy with housing services dumps cup of bed bugs into city hall office

AUGUSTA, ME (WCMH) — Augusta City Hall is back in business after a disturbing situation forced the entire building to close Friday.

The general assistance office sprang into action after a man, unhappy with his housing, threw a plastic cup filled with bed bugs on the counter.

“It was extremely shocking,” said Matt Nazar, director of Development Services.

“Our general assistance staff member initially thought it was coffee grounds that he had dumped on the counter. And then some of the coffee grounds started moving.”

The workers began immediately scooping up and bagging any bugs they could see.

“There were some that were crawling on the counter. Some were dead..So there were well in excess of 100 live and dead bugs that some, like I said were crawling away,” Dixon said.

The man who threw the bugs tried to leave the building, but Dixon says the code enforcement officer followed him and called 911.

Pest Control was immediately called in to treat the entire building. About a half hour later, officials decided to just close City Hall for the day.

“He’d tossed them on the counter but he also still had some on him, according to staff members, as he left the building,” Dixon said. “So he could have certainly dropped some on his way out.”

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