Local student art project on Pres. Trump drawing controversy

CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local student art project is getting some unwanted national attention with some saying it was disparaging to President Trump.

The artwork has since been taken down.

The school says it doesn’t condone any words of profanity but there are parents still concerned it was up long enough for somebody to snap a photo.

“Profane” and “obscene” are words used to describe a student’s artwork at Shenendehowa High School.

Images of President Trump below a sign that read “draw on me”.

NEWS10 ABC had to censor some of the graphic graffiti and some parents are outraged.

“This is a direct hate cause. Our president was told, with markers that were provided for the students, to go to hell,” Renee Mertens, of Saratoga County Education Awareness, said.

Shenendehowa High School East Principal Don Flynt says he discovered the piece at an after school student-run art show on May 25th.

This is its second year held in an art classroom, but that no teacher had been involved.

“I was immediately offended by it, took it down and confiscated it,” Flynt said.

Flynt says no one contacted him and he wasn’t aware that it was put up before the show except maybe the day before in preparation for the show.

The piece reportedly called “Expressive Faces of Trump” but concerned parents say it goes too far.

“It’s not appropriate. It’s not education. And that is not a form of art that should be displayed on the walls of any school, any public school,” Mertens said.

Principal Flynt did speak with the art student and others who may have played a role.

The lesson to be learned here?

“Anytime we allow students to write whatever they want there’s a very good chance it won’t come out the way we want it. I think the message is it’s okay to disagree but not to be offensive about it,” Flynt said.

The school insists no teacher is involved, that this group is run by students as an outlet to express their feelings.

Aside from confiscating the artwork, no disciplinary action has been taken.

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