Local homeowners fighting flooded basements

BALLSTON SPA, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Curtis Lumber says its sales have shifted from the usual spring cleaning and painting products to flood relief.

Curtis Lumber can’t keep water removal products on their shelves.

Quick Response says their calls for service have nearly doubled in the last few wet weeks.

“You can always build an arc,” Paul Hartshorne said.

All joking aside, it’s a problem Curtis Lumber knows all too well, customers are rushing in for help as water rushes into their basements.

“I haven’t seen it rain this much in a while.”

Hartshorne says our area has many older homes with leaky foundations which leads to more problems.

“You start flooding and the first thing you’re going to lose is your water heater and your furnace. Anything with electrical control of any kind down there is going to go if not, it will rust out.”

He recommends getting a sump pump.

“Generally it’s the safest thing to have is a fail safe. As the water level comes up, that flicks the switch and allows the suction to pull it out.”

If you already have one, make sure you service it every six months. Quick Response says a good deal of their calls come from people with broken sump pumps.

“Periodically take the base plate off the bottom and then lubricate it with machine oil.”

Curtis Lumber also specifically recommends using hydraulic cement to fill cracks in your foundation.

“What that can do is stop running water like the size of a broom stick coming out the wall. You mix up some of this and slap it in there. Within three minutes that water will stop.”

He also suggests inspecting the exterior of your home.

“The slope away from the house, water will seek its own level so you want it to run away, check your gutters and make sure they are pitched right.”

In May, it rained 21 out of 31 days in our area. Curtis Lumber says they’re excited to get back to selling more spring cleaning products.

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