How rainy, gloomy weather can affect your mood

COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Rainy weather and gloomy skies can have an affect on your mood.

The Crossings at Colonie is usually very busy, but lately, its inhabited by a damp playground, lots of ducks, and the occasional brave dog walker.

“They don’t get any exercise, so they’re inbound all the time, so we wanted to get out while the weather semi-cooperated today.”

“It’s pretty depressing, and we just wanted to get out today, get a little break in it and get the dog for a walk.”

Many said they noticed a difference in their mood when the weather is consistently bad.

“I definitely do notice there’s a difference on a sunny day or a rainy day.”

The human body goes through Circadian Rhythms that synchronize to the sun.

“We all talk about it – how you get a little depressed, sun deprived – so we’re looking forward to sunny days.”

When the sky is gloomy, it can throw things off and disrupt the cycle.

“It can be a little depressing, but I’ve lived around here all my life so you just keep motoring on.”

Studies show dark days can cause sleep and other health issues, and the sun can improve moods, lower stress and improve overall health.

But there are things you can do.

“Try to exercise. Exercise is pretty important; keeps your mood positive.”

Even some at the Crossings braved soggy fields for a soccer match.

“There tends to be less people that come. But the ones who do are playing just as happily as when its sunny.”

They said it’s important to stay positive.

“We don’t have control of the weather, but we can choose how to respond to it, and this is us responding.”

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