Schenectady officer-involved shooting under internal investigation

SCHENECTADY, N.Y (NEWS10) – Schenectady Police plan to internally investigate an officer-involved shooting on Mumford Street broadcast live on Facebook Live.

The incident began with a call over a domestic dispute and ended with Schenectady police exchanging gunfire with a man on a porch on Monday.

The gunfire and its fallout were captured live on Facebook for three hours.

The following video contains graphic language and content matter that may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

The man behind the cellphone was Robert Van Outlar, Jr.

He says he was headed to a meeting at church when he noticed police activity on the opposite side of Mumford Street.

He did not expect to see what unfolded during what would become a three-hour standoff.

Anthony Logan (Schenectady PD)

“He actually stuck his hand up and tried to act like he was shooting. I was like that’s not that smart. You know, people have died for less.”

Rob says police gave the man on the second story porch ample opportunity to come out safely, but things went south fast when he pulled out a weapon.

“The man pulled out a gun. He exchanged gunfire. The police responded appropriately with deadly force, you know what I mean? When he responds with deadly force, they have to respond with deadly force back.”

The man identified as Anthony Logan, 23, was wounded. Police surrounded the apartment house.

After firing off flashbangs, officers made their way into the building. Logan was then carried out on a stretcher.

Logan was rushed into surgery at Albany Medical Center. He is in stable condition.

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