Fundraiser held for Colonie’s Madison Dunlap, after being struck by car

COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local community is coming out to support a teenage girl severely injured after she was hit by a car. 


Madison Dunlap still has a long road to recovery, but she and her family are getting lots of love from their community during this difficult time.


A ziti dinner fundraiser was held here at the Colonie Village Recreation Center. 


Dozens of people came together to show their love for Madison Dunlap and her family.


On May 11th, 15-year-old Dunlap was struck by a car while walking her dog in Colonie.


The driver stopped and called 911 while Madison laid on the shoulder of the road, suffering from collapsed lungs and severe injuries to her face and body. 


Her dog was killed. 


“It’s very heartbreaking just to see somebody you love so much suffer,” said one of Madison’s best friends, Abbie Weidman.


For weeks Abbie Weidman and Kyara Triblet have watched their best friend, Madison Dunlap, remain in a hospital bed.


“She’s fighting through the worst right now,” Triblet said.


It’s hard for them, but there are little moments that remind them Madison is still there. 


“She actually waved to me like my heart melted. I love her so much,” Triblet said.


Her parents are detailing her recovery on Facebook, as she remains at Albany Medical Center.


They say last night she was moved from the intensive care unit to the pediatric ward. 


Rick LaJoy, a close family friend said she’s getting better every day and the support from the community is greatly appreciated. 


“It’s hard to see somebody you love in that kind of condition. I think everybody wants to come together because it could very easily be any of us in the same position,” LaJoy said.


Madison’s parents shared their appreciation: “The love, support and words of encouragement provided to our family have kept us going. When she is better and able to understand all that has been done for her, she will be moved.”


LaJoy talks with her parents every day. Her mom never leaves her side at Albany Medical Center.


“It’s a family’s worst nightmare for sure,” LaJoy said. “She’s doing progressively better each day. A lot of ups and downs.”


Through it all, they can count on their friends and community for support.  


“It’s just so amazing how much she’s persevered and fought through this,” Weidman said.


All proceeds from Saturday’s dinner went to support Madison and her family. 

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