Women write Bigfoot inspired children’s book

STANFORDVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The legend of Bigfoot may not have been seen with human eyes, but that hasn’t stopped two women from looking for it while also writing a book for kids.

Debbie Ray and Gayle Beatty wrote the children’s book “A Young Researcher’s Guide to Bigfoot.” It opens up a world of adventure in the quiet woods of Upstate New York.

NEWS10 ABC went into the woods with Beatty on a search for the creature.

“This is called smudging,” she demonstrated. “We always do this before entering the forest, and it’s a cleansing ritual by the Native Americans. It shows that we are respectful of the Sasquatch’s area.”

“We are going to look around on the ground for tracks, and then we are going to look for twisted, broken off branches – some high, some low, bent over arches,” she continued.

A young boy on the search used a parabolic microphone, and he captured a noise. Though it was not much in the way of evidence, Beatty said the Sasquatch can mimic many different sounds.

“Frogs, wild turkey, owls, dogs barking, horses winnowing, cows mooing,” she said.

As the group walked deeper into the Buttercup Farm Audubon Sanctuary, Beatty explained how the area was a perfect environment for the Bigfoot.

“They eat salamander; they eat snakes, muskrat, beaver, small birds, and geese, and ducks, and the roots of the cattails, and the roots of the skunk cabbage in the early spring,” she said. “So this is a perfect environment for them.”

The guide also talked about the structures the Bigfoot will make in the woods and what the creations might mean.

“This is not manmade; this is definitely placed here,” she said. “This is what they do. They make little structures, probably to let other Bigfoot know who is in the area. We know that the juvenile imitate the parents, so sometimes you will see really short, little stick structures.”

Whether you think there is a Bigfoot or not, Beatty’s and Ray’s children’s book is an introduction to mystery and discovery.

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