Woman who helped fatally injured teen in Guilderland crash speaks out

GUILDERLAND, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A fatal crash that claimed the life of a Guilderland teen has turned the focus onto the stretch of road where it happened.

A woman who provided comfort to the fatally injured driver says she was already bracing herself for another crash and then it happened.

Teri Conroy was wrapping up her day on her llama farm Sunday night when she heard that all too familiar sound.

“We heard the crash and my daughter yelled. You are always waiting to hear a crash here. I felt it was bad.”

While waiting for first responders, Teri’s daughter and neighbors talked to the two teenage passengers who seemed okay. She says the young driver was severely injured trapped in the wreckage.

“I knew we couldn’t get her out so I just held her head up and held her hand and talked to her because she’s like everybody’s child. I didn’t know her but it could have been my daughter, your sister.”

Word came Tuesday night that Alyssa Gelfand, 17, of Guilderland, had succumbed to her injuries.

“As a parent, I can’t even go there because I can’t even imagine.”

Police say speed, not alcohol, contributed to the crash. If the past is prologue then Teri says no one has learned that speed kills on Hurst Road.

Just yards away from the Memorial for Alyssa, is this one from 2000.

It’s where two teens were killed in a similar kind of crash. The tree can be seen growing around the angel statue.

“I don’t see it’s going to make a difference people need to make that change before they get behind the wheel.”

While working on this story, NEWS10 ABC’s Anya Ticker saw several people stop by the crash site. People have left bouquets of purple flowers here. Purple was Alyssa’s favorite color.

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