Wet weather affecting local berry farm

REXFORD, N.Y. (NEWS10) – By this time of year, strawberry patches are usually ripe for the picking. They’re a little behind schedule right now because of all the rain we’ve been getting.

The berries at Bowman Orchards have seen enough of all the wet weather we’ve been getting here in the Capital Region.

“We’ve certainly had our share of rain this year,” Kevin Bowman, of Bowman Orchards, said.

Think all that water is good for crops? Bowman says think again.

“We figure we’re probably a week and a half to 10 days behind quite unquote normal.”

He says the blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries at his Rexford Orchard all need enough sunshine in order to ripen in time for picking, especially his strawberries, which should be ready to go right about now, but they’re not red just yet.

“The small strawberries are there now but we need the heat units and the sunshine to number one sweeten up the berries but number two to size them up.”

Not great for the you pick business slated to start next week.

“We should be picking strawberries by the first of June.”

It’s not just Bowman’s berry crops struggling with too much rain. His fall crops are also being impacted. He says the ground is just too muddy to plant.

“We’re trying to get the crops in the ground the sweet corn and that kind of stuff kind of hard to plant at this point.”

Bowman’s family has been growing crops for 65 years. He says rest assured, Mother Nature won’t hold them back this summer.

“You know every year’s different and you just get through it.”

At Bowmans they say that the goal is to open for the you pick season starting next week but they say that’s all up to Mother Nature.

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