Vacant building near Orchard Park in Schenectady being demolished

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Crews in Schenectady are demolishing a building that has been vacant for years.

Neighbors say the building on Crane Street has been such an eye sore.

The building is finally coming down because believe it or not there is a park behind the building.

It’s not easy to get to neighbors say there’s only a small path leading to a few basketball courts and a swing set.

With the help of state funds and Capital Region Land Bank, the city is demolishing the building to expand the entrance to Orchard Park.

Four other buildings have been taken down over the years as part of this park project.

A pastor whose church is right across the street and says this is a step towards to getting the area back to what it was years ago

“If we gather together with great minds and great hearts and great passion we’re going to see our city come back to be greater than it ever could have been,” James Bookhout, Pastor at the Bridge Christian Church, said.

By next summer, the city will begin revamping Orchard Park adding a new playground and better lighting.

This may be the last of five demolitions but it’s really the start of this project.

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