Photos: Strong to severe storms roll through the Capital Region

Credit: Kimberly M / Feura Bush

COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Strong winds, rain and hail hit many areas of the Capital Region on Wednesday.

“It was like a domino effect,” Shawn Coons said.

Trees took over Coons’s property in Colonie. They were on his lawn, home and car. He wasn’t home when they all came crashing down.

“I got a call from my girlfriend crying hysterical,” he said.

His nearly 3-year-old son was home with his girlfriend and her mother. Coons rushed home.

“I was, as you know as any parent would, that’s my child,” he said. “I got to get to him and make sure everything’s alright.”

When he got there, he raced inside running past power lines that were knocked down.

“I picked him up, made sure he was alright,” Coons said. “You know, hugged him real tight. Kissed him.”

Everyone was okay, but their property is a different story. They weren’t the only ones picking up the pieces.

“When I came home I saw all this destruction; I couldn’t believe my eyes,” Patty Myers said.

Myers felt sick when she saw a tree in her backyard had snapped in half. Her family planted it when they moved in in 1961.

“My husband planted it with my uncles, and its family,” she said. “It was all family here.”

She and Coons were in shock having never experienced such a storm before.

“Everybody’s safe,” Coons said. “That’s all that matters.”

Roads remained closed late Wednesday as cleanup was just beginning.

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