Neighbors complain over weekly paper deliveries

SOUTH GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Some neighbors in parts of South Glens Falls and the surrounding area say they’re frustrated with these weekly publications.

People in the area say they’re thrown haphazardly onto parts of their property, in parking lots, local streets, sidewalks, puddles and peoples driveways.

Cheryl Lawyer says these plastic bags containing a weekly paper are delivering much more than news to her neighborhood. She says they’re delivering litter.

“A lot of these papers they could end up in storm drains the ones that I’m finding they’re lying in streets for a couple of weeks clearly smushed by people driving on them.”

Lawyer says days after they’re delivered, she walks South Glens Falls with her dog and collects the papers that aren’t picked up. It’s the Post Star’s free publication called This Week.

“When I collect them I bring them to the post star and I dump them on their front porch.”

Lawyer says she’s reached out to the paper but they tell her to simply unsubscribe.

She grew so frustrated that two weeks ago she started this Facebook Page, that’s garnered close to 300 likes. It’s become a sounding board for other neighbors who say they’ve lost their patience.

Post Star Publisher Robert Forcey wouldn’t go on camera but said:

“We’ve distributed 43,000 free newspapers to non-subscribers in the area by our usual method of delivering them to driveways and we’ve had less than 200 people cancel.”

Canceling the subscription is as simple as calling this phone number: (518)-742-3309.

“I have nothing against the Post Star, it’s our local paper but they need to find a more reasonable environmentally respectful way to distribute their newspapers.”

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