Push to add 74 names to the Vietnam Memorial Wall

WASHINGTON (NEWS10) – This Memorial Day, Senator Chuck Schumer is pushing to add 74 names to the Vietnam Memorial Wall.

The names are of sailors who died on board the U.S.S Frank E Evans in the South China Sea during a war-related exercise.

The families spent years fighting to have the names added but since the accident happened outside the designated combat zones, they were left off.

Sen. Schumer sent a letter to acting Secretary of the Navy, in support of honoring the 74 sailors.

In 2015, Sen. Schumer first launched the effort and even met with family members to learn more about their sacrifice.

He says geography should not be a barrier to recognition when it comes to service.

In a statement, Sen. Schumer said:

“The bureaucratic rules that dictate who may or may not be enshrined on the wall have led to a miscarriage of justice. The families should be able to visit that wall and pay tribute to the brave men who gave their lives.”


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